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Why Millennials Leave the Church

A short time ago, Rachael Held Evans posted an article on the CNN website on the topic, “Why Millennials Leave the Church.” The article tapped into a vein, capillary and artery because 100,000 people responded to the article. Millennials or Mosaics are the age bracket between 1984 and 2002 (12 [...]

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Fresh Oil – Part 2

(Continued from Fresh Oil - Part 1) God is in the process of releasing a New Reformation in His church. Note the 5 premises of Luther’s Reformation in 1517 and what God wants to do today: Reformation                       New Reformation Christ Alone                            Move of people not a just a person [...]

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Check Out Victory Bible College

A charismatic school of the Bible, VBI imparts life experience, ministers restoration and empowers students with personal knowledge of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Courses are designed to minister to Christians of all levels of spiritual maturity and development. VBI provides Bible training for spiritual growth and [...]

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